Smart Water Information Management Systems

Top 3 Advantages of a Data-Driven Water Utility

  • Strengthen Cyber Security

    As water distribution systems increasing rely on complex SCADA and operational technology, cybersecurity becomes a part of every employee’s job – but employees have different jobs and different skills. With KISTERS’ water software, system administrators assign data access privileges to groups or individuals users on extremely granular levels. Some may only need read-only capabilities; others are tasked with editing data and generating reports. Align access to specific datasets and tasks to drive workflow efficiency. Appropriately match user needs and privileges to discourage insider attacks, which may result from excessive access. Supervisors and IT administrators can audit system access for usual digital behavior, such as logins during odd times or from unexpected locations.

  • Automate QA/QC and Intelligent Alerts

    Optimize monitoring efforts by importing data from your water network overall: source water sensors, metering systems, water treatment tanks, pumps, storage, chain of custody, and other daily operations. The sophisticated calculation engine within KISTERS' Water Information System streamlines the verification and validation of data expected to fall within an acceptable range. User-defined limits help confirm that data sufficiently comply with water quality regulations or higher standards set by your utility. The system can generate alarms and automatically notify designated personnel of water quality issues, sensor inspection needs or other monitored risks. In the event, recipients don't respond to the fully-customized messages, notifications can escalate to more individuals or groups until a response is received. Learn more about early water contamination warning systems.

  • Increase Operational Resilience & Climate Adaptation

    KISTERS' technology facilitates the use of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data analytics for consistent and reliable long-term operations. It is designed to store and track data for the strictest levels of quality assurance and quality control. Web services enable high accuracy information to be integrated into USACE HEC models, Delft-FEWS by Deltares, MIKE by DHI and others to significantly enhance flood forecasting systems and water efficiency initiatives.

    KISTERS now offers high resolution precipitation and soil moisture information services to complement watershed monitoring networks and calibrate forecasting models.