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Energy market software from remote meter reading to basic data and time series management, processing of energy data, through to forecasting.


The BelVis family of energy software products are based on powerful, technically advanced and mature standard components which may be combined with one another into a comprehensive solution to meet a customer’s special set of requirements. Additionally, BelVis is a highly-flexible platform designed to meet client needs with precision, resulting in significant increases to efficiency and thereby also the corporate performance; not only in the short-term but also through to the long-term.  KISTERS provides highly-integrated platforms for energy management, optimization, and forecasting.

Members of the BelVis Suite:

BelVis Analytics is the core package for energy generation, distribution, procurement and modeling.

BelVis MDM is specifically designed to manage the massive amounts of data brought on by the introduction of the smart meter.

BelVis PRO is the forecasting tool specifically designed for the energy market.

BelVis ResOpt is an optimization model for complex systems, capturing both the technical and the economic aspects, while producing the highest system efficiency at the lowest cost.

BelVis Web SV equips energy companies with a tool to provide intelligent information directly to customers using the internet.