HailSens is an advance sensor for real time monitoring of hailstorm events. Accurate and precise measurement of hailstones, as opposed to other icy or watery precipitation, is based on vibration and not dented hail pads.

Automatically detect hail and classify individual stones with respect to size and damage potential.

The weather monitoring innovation was developed in association with htw saar, inNet Monitoring AG, dimeto GmbH and KISTERS AG / HyQuest Solutions Pty Ltd. and tested by MeteoSwiss, the Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology. In Switzerland, hail is the second most expensive natural hazard after flooding. The Swiss Hail Network deployed 80 HailSens units in regions with the highest probability of hailstorms to record the kinetic energy, grain size, and precise time of impact of hail pellets.

Event and pellet impact information are securely stored in the cloud. Easily accessible via web browser, the online application empowers statistical analysis and automated distribution of alerts/warnings.

Install a unit as a standalone or integrated it with a SYNOP / meteorological station.

Combine with HydroMaster, a high-resolution precipitation data and forecast service with alarming features to maximize lead time and take preventive measures ahead of storms.

Technical Specs

Size (W x H x D) 1.65 ft x 1.65 ft x 1.65 ft (500mm x 500mm x 500mm)
Monitoring Area 2.15 sq ft (0.2 sq m)
Mass 15 kg
Power Supply 10-18V d.c
serial comms: 30 mA @ 12 V (0.4W)
wireless IP: 60 mA @ 12 V (0.7W)
peak when comms active: 120 mA @ 12 V (1.4W)

HailSens hail sensor full-size image