iRIS 150FX Data Logger

The iRIS 150FX is a small, compact data logger featuring an LCD display and keypad. Connect it to a wide variety of sensors via two analogue (0-5V, 0-20mA) inputs, two digital inputs, SDI-12 serial instrument support, and a single digital output for alarm or control purposes. Telemetry capability can be provided by connecting an iCE3FX or a serial radio to the RS232 comms port.

Technical Specs

Size (W x H x D) 115mm x 79mm x 32mm (4.4in x 3.1in x 1.3in)
Mass 250g (5.6oz) including lithium battery
Power Supply User replaceable AA size 3.6V, 2400 mA/hr lithium battery. Optional external supply voltage of 5-15VDC can be connected which will disconnect the internal battery. Over-voltage and reverse polarity protected with a self-resetting fuse is installed.
I/O Isolation None
  • Non-isolated DTE RS232 at 1200 - 115200 bps (default 38400 bps)
  • SDI-12 instrumentation port
Non-Volatile Storage 8MB flash memory (1,084,576 samples). A typical site with 2 parameters logged every 15 minutes plus battery voltage logged hourly will give 12 years of storage before data overwrite occurs.


    • iRIS 150FXC (pictured) has an external 14 way terminal block fitted to the base of the enclosure.
    • iRIS 150FXG has two NG12 compression glands providing cable access to a small 12 way I/O connector inside the unit.
      versatile datalogger iRIS 150FX

      Quote from User

      I am really enjoying the iRIS150 (units) I installed about 4 years ago... I love their capacity, simple software, and high-speed data transfer. I'm using one each analog and digital channel on these: the analog for a water level sensor, the digital for a flow meter that closes contacts every 100 gallons. I log values every 15 minutes and use "1-minute averaging" for the analog reading.

      I like them so much I'm always trying to find some other project I can use them on<

      -- senior hydrogeologist