iRIS 350FX

The iRIS 350FX has been designed and constructed for use in harsh outdoor and industrial environments. It is compact, cost effective and easily configured, with support for a wide range of instrumentation.

Physical Communication Interfaces

  • RS232 port (DTE configuration)
  • 3G modem, Ethernet or Iridium Satellite
  • SDI-12 serial instrumentation bus port
  • Serial camera (iRIS-CAM)
  • Modbus slave protocol for SCADA

Technical Specs

Size (W x H x D) 160mm x 130mm x 70mm (6.29in x 5.11in x 2.75in)
Mass 1300g (2.86lb)
Power Supply Internal and/or external 12V SLA battery. Lowest power mode current ~ 3mA. An integral charger accepts a 15-30Vdc input. A solar panel can be directly connected to the charger input. Over-voltage and reverse polarity protected with self-resetting fuse.
  • Non-isolated DTE RS232 at 1200 - 115200 bps (default 38400 bps)
  • Multi-band (3G) modem OR Ethernet OR Iridium SBD modem
  • SDI-12 instrumentation port
  • Serial VGA camera proprietary connection (3.3V CMOS levels)
Non-Volatile Storage 8MB flash memory (1,084,576 samples). A typical site with 2 parameters logged every 15 minutes plus battery voltage logged hourly will give 12 years of storage before data overwrite occurs.


    • iRIS 350FX is a 3G/GPRS wireless datalogger with standard glands.
    • iRIS 350FX/NM is a 'NIL modem' datalogger with standard glands.
    • iRIS 350FX/MS is a 3G/GPRS wireless datalogger with MIL spec connectors.
    • iRIS 350FX/SAT is an iridium satellite datalogger with standard glands.
    3G/GPRS iridium satellite wireless datalogger with special glands or MIL spec connectors