Resource Optimization

The water-energy-food nexus makes optimal operations are more critical than ever. Defensible decision-making relies on robust platforms with high data throughput, calculation capacity and intuitive display of information.

According to the USGS, production of electrical power results in one of the largest uses of water in the U.S. and worldwide. Energy represents the highest operating cost second only to labor. Barriers to improved operational efficiency include capital costs, reluctance to implement new technologies, or continuing to silo water and energy data.

Irrigation districts and utilities alike are exploring how to offset high energy costs by conserving water resources -- and even optimizing hydraulic efficiency to generate renewable energy.

KISTERS Real-Time Optimization (RTO) software as a service now equips decision-influencers and decision-makers with insights that minimize risk and identify feasible paths to achieving the most desired benefits. Invex optimization enables resource managers to consider all possible solutions, overcoming the limitations of linear and nonlinear approaches.