Decision Support

Forecasting and modeling demand high integrity data to maximize returns in the deregulated energy market. Efficient operations and resource allocation, at present and in the future, require more than simulations. KISTERS' decision support system can identify options eclipsed by implicit biases and status quo.

Make more informed decisions when you consider all solutions with deterministic optimization of complex energy and/or water systems instead of simulating a few options with other DSS software in the marketplace.

Remind your critics that well established and proven operations are anything but complacent.

Explore additional operational flexibility of existing facilities. Advancements in automation and controls have gotten much attention, but failure to historicize SCADA data keeps many utilities in the dark about areas for operational improvement. When SCADA data is archived, QC'd and analyzed, trends can be identifying. Addressing emerging problems and proactively minimizing risks before they escalate saving significant costs, inconvenience and time.

And while you make the most of your limited resources in the present period, plan now for what you'll need. Undertake sound and detailed analysis for feasibility assessments regarding facility expansion and/or upgrade projects. Ensure that proposed changes result in real and measurable benefits of the greatest value.

Our data modeling tool takes into account both technical and economic aspects of complex systems to identify the highest possible efficiency at the lowest cost.