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Hydrometric Data Management

Water Information System by KISTERS (WISKI) eases hydropower generation data management and analysis.

The platform increases access, usability, and value from analyzing diverse datasets in various formats.

As it consolidates high volumes of monitoring data -- from precipitation to in-situ sensors to pumping and control systems -- it automates the monitoring of data quality, compliance, costs, and energy generation.

The long-term, centralized, and secure data and analytics inform your organization and operations.

Map data within the platform or integrate with geospatial information solutions (GIS).

WISKI Dam Safety Web Viewer screen shot displays piezometer monitoring data for dam safety monitoring and compliance reportingDam Safety Viewer

Enhanced WISKI functionality integrates real time dam safety measurements to accomplish advanced QA/QC, calculations and automated alerts.

KISTERS Web Portal gives users online, browser-based data visualizations. Real time measurements overlay cross-sectional plots and offline/remote data collected from piezometers, cross-sectional plots, offline data sources, and more dam safety parameters.

Services to get more from your data

Real Time Optimization RTO optimization modeling solution

Real-Time Optimization (RTO)

This intuitive web platform empowers hydro operators to

  • define challenges
  • prioritize objectives, and
  • generate the best possible schedules

that optimize water use and power generation in real time.

The patent-pending RTO modeling service provides feasible short, middle, and long-range schedules to most efficiently use constrained water and energy resources.

HydroMaster radar weather data as a service (DaaS)Environmental Forecasting Suite

High resolution, extremely precise environmental forecast data and observations are delivered within a web browser to improve operations, maintenance, and post-event analyses.

Radar animation, 3-15 day forecasts, and easily configured alarms provide lead time ahead of draw downs. Different working groups and individual users can customize dashboards with the most relevant data and most efficient displays.