Advanced Visualization for Next Generation PLM Systems

created by Kelly Baumann |

3DViewStation adds significant value to desktops, mobile browsers and VR

Today’s PLM systems certainly offer visualization for CAD designs and documents. However, upon closer inspection, we often find visualization capabilities very limited in the standard products. The developers often focus on data management and processes rather than the user experience.

KISTERS’ 3DViewStation software closes the gap: the fast, advanced yet easy-to-use CAD visualization tool is rich functionality and can be integrated with PLM systems.

3DViewStation has been developed based on customer requirements from day one. Previously as a reseller of several CAD viewing products, we understand our customers very well and had heard their unmet needs. We listened when they called us and didn’t get what they expected from those vendors. So, we answered them and launched our own solution when they asked us directly for certain new, or modified functionalities.”

montage of screen shots of 3DViewStation for desktop, HTML5 browsers and virtual reality

“In other cases, existing PLM functionalities match their needs -- but the outdated or static UI user experience was unacceptable. Other solutions were unable to support web or VR technologies,” said Kelly Baumann, KISTERS North America Business Development Manager.

“3DViewStation gives customers the choice to use a desktop, mobile web browser or virtual reality VR product. All have comparable functionalities, sharing the same graphics kernel developed by and unique to KISTERS.”

Our priorities are always ease of use as well as highly flexible APIs for easy integration.

Customers have integrated the software with a variety of leading PLM systems such as Aras Innovator, the Dassault 3DExperience platform, SmarTeam, Siemens TeamCenter, ActiveWorkspace, SAP DMS, CAD-Desktop, ECTR, Contact CimDatabase -- and soon Windchill will be feasible. Seamless integrations embed 3DViewStation in the PLM UI.

Running with its own or with a customized UI, customers enjoy very short load times and extremely fast visualization performance, even for very complex CAD models consisting of millions of parts.

Over the past 10 years, more than 180 functions and more than 150 settings have been added. A particularly helpful feature is the discussion thread to support graphical comparison and review processes. More enhancements continue to be added in response to customer needs and requirements.

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