Canadian WISKI Users Convene Workshop

Provincial government, conservation authorities and hydro power utilities represented.

Last week WISKI users from across Canada participated in a one-day workshop to bolster their knowledge of KISTERS water data analytics platform. In addition to hearing first-hand about new features and enhancements to the system, many attendees were eager to learn how other organizations are using the same technology to tackle different yet similar challenges.

Clients addressed the following are some of the topics:

  • Collaboration / data exchange among organizations

  • Data without Borders: integrating data across disciplines

  • Ensemble forecasting to manage & respond to risks

  • Big data implementation to monitor global climate change

In the afternoon, participants engaged in industry discussions that focused on common practices to verify and validate data, as well as new modes of environmental monitoring and associated data formats. Facilitated conversations invited many to speak to their peers about their experiences and lessons learned from new initiatives.

The day ended with a dedicated time of networking and a show of appreciation to AEP for hosting.

The inaugural Canada-wide event was well-received, especially by system users outside of the Ontario province. A concentrated group of clients throughout Ontario has been meeting regularly to share best practices and sharpen their skillsets; recap joint training events from 2014 as well as 2013.