Distance Analysis and Band Analysis now in 3DViewStation V2020.1

created by Kelly Baumann |

Complete Digital Mockup (DMU) analysis tools in affordable KISTERS CAD visualization software

version 2020.1 of 3DViewStation includes distance and band analysis features, as well as comprehensive DMU analysis tools from clearance calculation to wall thickness analysis.

Behind an intuitive user interface, the combination of robust functions typically found in expensive CAD systems support users from different fields of expertise in making quick, reliable decisions for product development.

Saving valuable time, materials and costs during prototyping, digital solutions can evaluate 3D designs to ensure compliance with distance specifications or feasibility.

3DViewStation WebViewer version 2020.1 screen captures

“With just one click, verify distance bands between individual components or assemblies according to user-defined distance values. Up to six bands are supported,” points out Kelly Baumann, KISTERS North America Business Development Manager.

Calculation of high-resolution band geometries helps create the ideal balance between calculation time and quality.

Another improvement is the hierarchical explosion function, which can now be applied to subassemblies and individual parts rather than the entire model.

Details regarding 3DViewStation v2020.1 can be reviewed here.