EBMUD: Protecting water quality, supply at the source

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improve forest health to reduce risks of wildfire, poor water quality, and water shortage

East Bay Municipal Utility District and joint powers authority partners in the Upper Mokelumne River Watershed Authority (UMRWA) support a growing trend among KISTERS clientele: forest health projects that aim to restore resilience to watersheds.

The thinning out thousands of acres of overgrown forest in the Mokelumne River Watershed, the primary source water for East Bay customers, is expected to reduce the threat of devastating wildfire.

Now into their third year, the projects provide more space among healthy, mature trees. As a result, more water saturation by soils decreases erosion. Ecological restoration of meadowlands in Stanislaus National Forest also helps to improve water quality.

Lessening dense forests enables the watershed to maintain snowpack longer into summer, ensuring water supply downstream to communities later in the year.

Mokelumne River | photo credit E B MUD dot com