Expiry of the cyber attack ultimatum

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In Progress: Monitoring publication of captured data

Visit the KISTERS AG website for the official statement or update about the IT security incident.

On the night of 10 November 2021, the IT company KISTERS AGwas the victim of a cyber attack. Bad actors secured access to the company's data through an orchestrated ransomware attack, encrypted it, and threatened to publish the captured data.

The corresponding ultimatum has expired. The relevant data protection authorities have already been informed. Since KISTERS will not get involved in such blackmail attempts, publication of the captured data is to be expected.

As soon as information is available as to whether customer data is affected, KISTERS will seek immediate direct contact with those affected.

At the same time, the company will continue to work closely with the security authorities who will consistently pursue possible publications of data material by the hackers as a criminal offense.

Transparent communication is crucial for the KISTERS Group. "The security of our customers and business partners is our top priority. We will therefore share all relevant information with the public immediately," says board member Klaus Kisters.

KISTERS is working at full speed on a return to regular operations and regularly releases information on its website www.kisters.de/en about new findings concerning the criminal attack.

In the meantime, many employees of the KISTERS Group can be reached again via interim e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Software (technical) support is also available again.

The reloading of customers' cloud systems as well as the extensive virus checks of customers' systems are making good progress.

KISTERS IT systems already had a high level of protection objectively-certified at the ISO 27001 standard. Conclusions and measures for the future are of course being derived from the extensive analysis of the attack, which is still ongoing at the moment. Valuable information from customers who have had similar experiences will also be incorporated.

Klaus Kisters continues, "In the past few days, we have received a lot of encouragement from customers and business partners for our decision not to respond to the blackmailers' financial demands. The path we have taken to rebuild our IT infrastructure in order to exclude compromises according to the current state of the art has also met with broad approval. I would like to express my sincere thanks for this."