FTS360, WISKI streamline data collection & management

directly import monitoring data from the FTS cloud

With the release of FTS360, FTS and KISTERS developers are pleased to announce direct import of monitoring data collected via remote environmental sensing monitoring solutions by Forest Technology Systems (FTS).

Leveraging a standardized IoT protocol known as MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT), FTS360 is a cloud-based platform that stores data and configurations for FTS field stations. An intuitive and easy-to-understand web portal enables users to manage their network of supported sensors and stations.

Teamwork encouraged: FTS and KISTERS are committed to quality data, time-savings and customer service.

To help mutual FTS and WISKI users maintain the most efficient data workflows, KISTERS has developed a KiDAT task that makes an API call, automatically downloads a CSV file, and converts it into the ZRXP format for import into WISKI.

“The seamless integration task makes FTS360 data import-ready upon scheduled or manual requests in KISTERS' data acquisition tool. We’re happy it provides customers greater ease to process and manage monitoring data,” noted Noah Walker, Business Manager at KISTERS North America.

The WISKI KiDAT dropdown menu now features the option for FTS360 CSV Download.The WISKI KiDAT dropdown menu now features the option for FTS360 CSV Download.

Within Water Information System by KISTERS, users can perform data validation, editing and estimation. They can apply procedures for automated and manual QA/QC, analysis, approval, instrumentation / sensor tracing, and reporting.

Newer FTS instrumentation like Logging Transceiver 1 (LT1) and Remote Automated Observation System (RAOS) by default comply with the MQTT protocol. Contact FTS to determine if your existing sensors are supported and to schedule an upgrade.

Contact KISTERS Technical Support support-kna@kisters.net or +1 916 723 1441 with questions about the compatibility of your KiDAT app.