KISTERS' software named Top Project as Utility Business Intelligence

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OCWA upgrade in data collection system wins recognition by Water & Wastes Digest.

A data collection project conducted by the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) using Water Information Systems by KISTERS (WISKI) has been named one of the top water projects of 2013 by Water & Wastes Digest. The project was designed to replace a legacy process data collection system.

photograph taken as Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) and KISTERS North America accept award from Water and Wastes Digest at WEF TEC, Water Environment Federation's Technical Exhibition and ConferenceOCWA required a proof of concept or pilot project to integrate streaming SCADA data (approximately 20,000 tags daily), mobile devices, and laboratory data — as well as to provide a configuration for site, station, parameter, and time series relationships to manage all incoming data.

“This project allows for real-time information and data entry, increased data accuracy, and a consolidated repository for all process and compliance data,” said Cindy Spencer, Special Projects Manager at OCWA. Spencer collaborated with Matt Ables, who was recently named Vice President of Operations at KISTERS.

“The new WISKI 7 technology will allow many field-related data sets and functions to be automated, reducing the number of staff required to manage the utility's systems,” Spencer continued.

She elaborated, “Employees can now take an active role in managing processes and compliance data, in order to improve plant performance and potential for alternate business partnerships.”

According to Stan Malinky, COO of KISTERS North America, “It was very clear from the beginning of the project in August, 2010, that WISKI and the Water Quality Solution could not only replace OCWA's legacy process data collection system (PDC) but also it could improve system efficiency.

Pictured: Cindy Spencer of OCWA (right) and Phil Stefanoff of KISTERS North America (center) accept the award from Water & Wastes Digest.