KISTERS, VanderSat offer precision satellite soil moisture data for drought, climate change planning

Practical calculations for user-defined catchment areas include drought indices, plant-available water at root level, and predictions of soil moisture.

high precision satellite images now provided via KISTERS VanderSat soil moisture and drought information services The first global cloud service for soil moisture data facilitates better protection and optimization of agricultural crops as well as the channeling of water for more efficient irrigation practices or groundwater recharge.

Users receive general satellite-based soil moisture data and practical calculations about their own catchment area to more reliably inform decisions and measures against extreme situations such as drought, of which frequency and spread is expected to continue to increase as a result of climate change.

VanderSat's new satellite-based microwave sensing method is the only area-wide technology for measuring soil moisture affordably and with high precision comparable to air- or ground-based sensors. KISTERS integrates the data into its proven software for analysis, visualization and prediction of water data as well as customizable alarms and transformation into actionable information using sophisticated analytical functions.

The new flexible cloud service runs in the security-certified KISTERS Data Centre in Aachen, Germany. Software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions cover a specific geographic area for a certain period of time at low costs, and data are delivered via web browsers or directly in KISTERS Water Software.

"In VanderSat, KISTERS has found a highly specialized partner who complements its water solutions with a valuable element," says Michael Natschke, Head of Business Development, Business Unit Water at KISTERS AG. "This new service presents insightful information in easy-to-understand graphics and maps, and in particularly great detail for small catchment areas."

Richard de Jeu, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of VanderSat, adds, "With our patented microwave measurement method, we can see through clouds and vegetation to capture very accurate measurement data. We achieve a unique resolution, both spatially with a detail of 100 x 100 meters and temporally. We are happy to make our solutions available to the global water sector with KISTERS. This partnership brings us one step closer to delivering daily data on 1 billion hectares worldwide by 2020."

KISTERS, the German provider of IT solutions for water management and hydrology, and VanderSat, the Dutch specialist for earth observation especially water via satellites, have partnered since December 2018.