Manufacturing 4.0: Instant Virtual Inspections & Reviews

created by Kelly Baumann |

Companies are switching from traditional to virtual processes during development, maximizing value from new 3D CAD data.

KISTERS supports these virtual processes with the 3DViewStation product family, available for the Windows desktop, web (via any HTML5 browser) as well as a VR edition. All product family members can be used in an integrated environment as well as stand alone.

“With 3DViewStation WebViewer, travelling and remote colleagues the ability to instantly review CAD data from various sources, without any pre-processing, simply using a mobile device like a phone or tablet. There's no need to carry the CAD data. WebViewer offers secure access and more than 180 interactive functions for inspection within a web browser,” said Jim Eardly, KISTERS North America Sales Manager. He added, "After authentication, users can browse the file system, review CAD models, analyze problems and collaborate remotely. Files are never stored on or loaded from the client –- protecting intellectual property."

Perform virtual inspections and reviews using 3D CAD data and 3DViewStation by KISTERS.In addition, 3DViewStation WebViewer can be integrated with any data management system, a PLM client for example, or any (online) portal that controls the access to the required data. Recently, more sophisticated integrations of 3DViewStation VR-Edition with a PLM system have enabled highly complex CAD models to load in seconds, directly from a PLM client into the virtual reality session.

Eardly noted, "The user inspects the CAD model and adds text annotations to critical areas by leveraging voice recognition. Snapshots of particular areas are automatically created and saved as working items into the PLM system. From there, revisions can be made by appropriate colleagues who might use 3DViewStation WebViewer for visualization (rather than the VR edition).”

Several companies use 3DViewStation VR-Edition in a standalone manner as well. Users enjoy the ability to load highly complex assemblies; complete ships with 10 million parts can be loaded into a VR session in just a few short seconds! Within the VR environment, users can leverage many interactive functions familiar to them from 3DViewStation Desktop and WebViewer editions.

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