McGurk Hydrologic joins as key affiliate

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Hydrological consulting products and services complement KISTERS' IT solutions.

photo of Bruce McGurk, principal of McGurk Hydrologic ConsultancyMcGurk Hydrologic Associates has become a key affiliate of KISTERS North America, Inc., a leading provider of advanced hydrological data management tools. The consultancy provides runoff forecasting, hydrological simulation modeling, environmental review, and water and land management services to a wide range of clients across the U.S. It also provides hydrologic products that integrate with KISTERS’ software.

Dr. Bruce McGurk, President of McGurk Hydrologic, has an impressive 30 years of Sierran hydrology experience. He has been a snow researcher for the U.S. Forest Service and a runoff forecaster and reservoir manager for Pacific Gas & Electric.

Most recently he was the Operations Manager at San Francisco's Hetch Hetchy Water and Power, where he oversaw a water supply forecasting group that optimized reservoir operations and powerhouse schedules for facilities on the Tuolumne River.

The Certified Professional Hydrologist (P.H.) graduated with a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Cornell University, a M.S. in Resource Planning from Colorado State, and a Ph.D. in Hydrology and Watershed Management from Utah State University.

Stan Malinky, COO of KISTERS North America comments, “Bruce brings a wealth of experience in hydrology and practical applications of our software to the KISTERS’ team of data management and hydrology professionals that will no doubt benefit future staff members for years to come. I am extremely happy to have Bruce and McGurk Hydrology affiliated with KISTERS, here, in North America.”

Dr. McGurk is an active member of the American Institute of Hydrology; American Geophysical Union, Hydrology Section; and American Water Resources Association. In addition to meritorious awards for environmental stewardship and leadership Dr. McGurk has earned, he has made many presentations and been published in numerous journals and conference proceedings across the U.S.


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