Message from KISTERS about coronavirus COVID-19

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Sustainable environmental data systems developer sustains customer & technical support services.

The KISTERS Group takes seriously the monitoring of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak since our customers represent federal agencies, provincial ministries and state agencies, some of the largest urban water utilities, and local watershed districts. Their commonality is public safety through the provision of the most reliable clean water supplies and sanitary services.

To accomplish this shared mission, they rely on KISTERS technology stack for high resolution data collection, QA/QC, alerting, and information sharing to detect and respond to potential threats of water contamination as well as flooding.

Our global team of hundreds of experts in natural resource management, software development, and customer / technical support is our greatest asset -- and all the more at this time, since the coronavirus isn't limited to one geographic region.

A dedicated page has been created to keep you informed of our precautionary and safety measures:

If you are a customer and require additional documentation, you may log into the KISTERS Client Support Portal to download a statement about these measures and business continuity plan.