Metadata Audit Prepares Field Teams for Monitoring Season

Asset tracing tools within WISKI ensure devices and field staff are ready.

Within Water Information Systems by KISTERS (WISKI), users have the ability to capture an infinite amount of metadata. They can record equipment status such as deployed , recalibrated , in repair ; location data; model and manufacturer. These details and more information can be entered manually or automated with a bulk import.

Photographs, videos, equipment diagrams and manuals can be uploaded to the system or linked to each asset, so staff can quickly and conveniently reference them.

Centralizing asset metadata in WISKI supports data QA/QC and drift correction, in particular.

The same flexible WISKI Filter and reporting capabilities that support hydrological and water quality analysis can provide audit trails of monitoring equipment.

Creating time series from equipment attributes such as date and time as field work is performed, or staff move devices from the warehouse to stations or from station to station, also helps to plan for future replacement.

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