Minimizing storm-related impacts on infrastructure and assets

HydroMaster cloud service for precipitation information goes live in Canada.

Extreme precipitation events and flash floods are increasing in frequency and severity across the globe with climate projections indicating a likely continuation into the future. Canada, too, is struggling to manage the consequences of climate change in the form of heavy rains, floods, and hurricanes.

HydroMaster coverage of Canada is now live. The cloud-based service helps Canadian authorities, cities, infrastructure stakeholders and emergency responders to better prepare for extreme weather events and become better informed during these events.

High-resolution display and analysis of real-time and forecasted weather data are integrated with critical infrastructure data and mapping – empowering stakeholders to quickly identify the formation of very sudden and localized events, anticipate potential problems, and dig deeper into the relevant data for rapid and informed decision making and response.

As a secure hosted service and available 24/7, HydroMaster is accessible from a variety of desktop and mobile platforms. It is less susceptible to outages during extreme events and eliminates extra costs associated with software, hardware or specialized staff.

Hydromaster screenshot shows real time precipitation observations and forecasts via web browser.

Hydromaster shows real time precipitation observations and forecasts via web browser.

Hydromaster delivers 1 sq km precipitation observations and forecasts over user-defined areas.

High resolution precipitation observations and forecasts over user-defined areas are as granular as 1 sq km.

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Several European countries have proven HydroMaster’s advantage, particularly at the municipal level and with water utilities. Local information, forecasts, and warnings for individual hotspots and catchments are based on a one-square-kilometer-resolution – proving much more useful than coarse large-scale data sets.

Expertise of joint venture partners

Hydromaster empowers users with analytics, abilities to define exceedance thresholds, and data visualization options.HydroMaster is a unique combination of expertise from meteorology, hydrology and IT industry leaders:

  • Weather data and forecasts provided by the global weather authority MeteoGroup Ltd.
  • Hydrological and hydraulic models developed by the research and engineering consultancy DHI A/S
  • Data integration and analytics within commercial water software managed at an ISO-certified data centre by KISTERS AG

Hydromaster empowers users with analytics, capabilities to define exceedance thresholds and alerts / warnings, and several data visualization options. Click the image for a larger view.

Coping with climate change

Extreme and highly localized weather events are appearing more frequently and heavily due to increased urbanization, population growth and climate change. They pose a direct threat to life, health, infrastructure, production and assets. Consequently, stakeholders in civil protection and the supply industry require increased awareness of future precipitation events, in order to adjust their decision-making and actions to deal with potential impacts of climate change.

About MeteoGroup

MeteoGroup, the global weather authority, combines accurate science with advanced technology and local expertise with global reach. With offices all over the world, MeteoGroup is trusted by hundreds of government agencies, thousands of companies and millions of consumers. Its research and forecasts are relied on by major businesses in the media, transport, energy and shipping industry. (Bob Hendriks, media contact)

About DHI A/S

DHI is a global environmental research, consultancy and software organization dedicated to improving knowledge, engineering practices and technologies within the fields of water, environment and health. Within these fields, DHI provides a range of consulting, research and policy services as well as leading technologies. (Patrick Delaney, media contact)


Offering leading software solutions for the sustainable management of water, energy and air, KISTERS is a much sought-after partner for its expertise, commitment and sectoral experience. KISTERS’ Global Water Solution is a framework for building efficient customer solutions based on modern technology and in-depth understanding of application areas and markets. Solutions include, among others, surface and ground water monitoring, meteorology, water quality and urban drainage deployed at hundreds of customer sites with many thousands of licenses worldwide. (Astrid Beckers, media contact)