More Value from Existing CAD Data

created by Kelly Baumann | |   Product Announcement

Reuse CAD data for technical documentation, split function and feature recognition

3DViewStation version 2019 has released. New features assist users in repurposing CAD data, and enhancements significantly increase the rendering speed of ultra large assemblies.

The needs of technical documentation often pose a challenge to CAD data. Templates for online manuals or parts catalogs typically require the information to be reworked into compliant illustrations, images, or interactive 3D geometry.

screen shot of 3 D View Station BOM ID, ballooning features for reuse of CAD data.3DViewStation v2019.0 released with BOM IDs and ballooning to repurpose CAD data for technical documentation.

KISTERS takes a customer-centric approach to development. "After reviewing our customers' most important specifications for technical documentation processes, we created interactive and automatic BOM ID generation,” Robert Collins, 3DViewStation Sales Manager, explained enhancements to Bill of Materials (BOM).

“BOM IDs will be reused to interactively and automatically generate balloon callouts in an exploded view of the assembly. In the new version, users have multiple options to configure the arrangement of balloons. For further ease-of-use, we added the option to continuously recalculate the best possible layout, while rotating the 3D model .”

Another focus of development was increasing value for mold or die casting customers. The new splitting function is the perfect complement to the existing draft angle analysis tool. Now 3DViewStation users can easily determine the complexity of a tool, what will be required to produce a part, and extract the face for the mold.

Collins observed that toolmakers will also enjoy the new feature recognition functions such as our the drill hole recognition tool.

Known for its intuitive interface, advanced analysis and integration capabilities into leading systems, the CAD visualization software also provides import dialog quick settings for users of any version -- Windows desktop, web via any HTML5 browser, or virtual reality (VR) edition.

V2019 upgrades include the following:

  • New and updated file formats for 2D or 3D import/export
  • Neutral axis calculation with tesselated data
  • BOM IDs and ballooning
  • Performance optimization
  • Options for filtering as well as license borrowing

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