NYC DEP incentivizes upgrades to private drainage systems

$53M investment to reduce, manage stormwater runoff

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is partnering with Arcadis to offer funding and guidance for green infrastructure installation and maintenance to property owners with over 50,000 square feet -- large amounts of impervious areas, in particular.

The $53 million project seeks to engage owners of large properties to improve on-site drainage. However, resiliency measures that improve local and regional environmental health are anticipated to benefit all New York City residents since more than 70% of the city is covered in impervious surfaces.

Hybrid and nature-based solutions are expected to reduce and manage stormwater runoff and provide urban heat island reduction, healthier air and habitats for birds and pollinators. In turn, all five boroughs will benefit from improvements to the health of surrounding rivers and harbors.

John McCarthy, president of the Water Business Line for Arcadis North America, commented, "This project reflects an innovative approach to stormwater management that will improve how New Yorkers experience water, adapt to climate change and provide lasting environmental benefits to the waterways that have shaped the city for generations."

Over the past 15 years DEP has invested approximately $16 billion to upgrade and improve the city's wastewater system and reduce sewer overflows. As a result, New York Harbor is cleaner and healthier today than it has been since the Civil War (1861-1865).

New York City harbor | photo credit Dock N Y C dot com