True mobile visualization and instant access to CAD geometries

created by Kelly Baumann | |   Product Announcement

3DViewStation WebViewer displays Catia, NX, Creo and more files

With thin net profit margins and tight deadlines, CAD geometry questions can become costly to manufacturers. When access to CAD data is needed by employees who work remotely or after hours, 3DViewStation WebViewer helps overcome manufacturing obstacles.

Authorized users can access any CAD geometry simply using mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or notebook PC. The app only requires a HTML5 browser and an internet connection; no software download required.

3D View Station provides instant access to CAD geometries from mobile devices “3DViewStation WebViewer gives traveling colleagues the ability to instantly load native CAD data from various sources like Catia, NX, Creo, Inventor, Solidworks, Revit among others. They can also access neutral file formats like JT, STEP and more,” verifies Robert Collins, KISTERS North America Sales Manager who does his own share of traveling.

He continued, “Since CAD data is never transferred to the device, there’s no worry about intellectual property protection. After (user) authentication, (approved) users can review CAD models or technical drawings, analyze and discuss problems remotely. 3DViewStation WebViewer offers more than 180 interactive functions support review and inspection – all within the web browser.”

Collins pointed out that users find 3DViewStation WebViewer easy to navigate. “They can browse the file system of their CAD server like they would use Windows file explorer… and perhaps with more security since models are never downloaded to or stored on the device used for viewing. IP remains intact in the process of CAD file collaboration."

As an alternative to stand-alone use of the software, 3DViewStation WebViewer is often integrated with a CAD data management solution. Users can log into an integrated environment, search for and load a particular CAD model into a session. The model is displayed in an embedded window of the leading system or in a separate browser that contains WebViewer’s comprehensive user interface (UI),” Collins added.

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