Verizon Wireless retiring CDMA 3G network in December

Upgrade to 4G data loggers to avoid watershed monitoring IT pitfalls.

In the United States, Verizon Wireless is retiring its CDMA 3G network at the end of calendar year 2019.

image of iRIS 270, a 4G data logger by Hyquest SolutionsThe following devices by Hyquest Solutions provide 4G connectivity and reliably transmit data:

  • The compact iRIS 270 features two slots to facilitate independent dual communication (e.g. two 4G modems, or a modem and radio communication interface). Wi-Fi connectivity via iLink enables configuration, calibration and download.

  • image of iRIS Under Cover mounted inside TB3 raingage The iRIS Under Cover resides within rain gauge enclosures or accepts pulse inputs from water meters. Wi-Fi connectivity removes reliance on communication cables. The device supports additional 16-bit accuracy analog inputs and optional SDI-12.

Note: U.S. clients may order via Hydrological Services America, the authorized dealer for Hyquest Solutions products.