AquisNet, data analytics & reporting for AQ managers

Air Quality Information System and Network (AquisNet) enhances the management, control, and compliance reporting of air quality measuring networks.

The comprehensive software efficiently streamlines all tasks of the process chain: from data acquisition of immission and emission measurement to storage, from data validation and graphical or numerical analyses to reporting.

AquisNet is a flexible off-the-shelf solution, which can be customized to the distinct needs of each client. The Data Center consolidates information while individual monitoring stations collect data and run plausibility checks, calibration and functional tests. Subsequently public authorities and private industrial companies that range in size rely confidently on AquisNet to perform regulatory air quality monitoring.


  • Flexible Data Acquisition
    KISTERS offers monitoring devices from renowned names in the industry and continually tests AquisNet to ensure the success of cross-product technology. Since every component of interest has a unique IP address, clients can define data access by any number of communication channels. In addition AquisNet easily enables data import from a range of sources: stations, laboratories, other measuring networks, interval measurements. In short, it integrates easily into existing platforms.

  • Web-based Interface
    The graphical user interface (GUI) of AquisNet allows users to access the program from any node in the network. Common tasks can be performed remotely -- without installation of an executable file on a local PC. Run routine calculations and numerical statistical analyses. Simultaneously edit multiple times series, or edit data in graphical or tabular presentations.

  • Convenient Visualization
    AquisNet supports fully automated validation (and notification if data violate user-defined rules) and manual inspection. To minimize the challenges of manual quality control, data can be presented via tables, graphs, time series, wind roses, or pollutant concentration roses.

  • Complete Audit Trails and Rollback Functionality
    AquisNet Data Center centralizes all data including meta data that traces modifications to information from individual monitoring stations. A complete audit trail of data editing and rollback functionality are provided. Device and asset traceability is assured. AquisNet also produces log files, documents system states, and sequences of tasks.

  • Versatile Reporting
    This enterprise software can support air quality compliance with the use of predefined reports, which can be automated. In addition, a number of clients are optimizing operations with user-defined reports which are run on a set schedule or on demand. Tools also let users save reports in popular formats (HTML, PDF, CSV, XLS) and distribute them via popular communications methods (FTP, email, fax, SMS or web publishing).


  • Extreme Consistency, Reliability and Stability
    Availability and responsiveness are particularly critical issues when air quality monitoring is required of 24-hour operations. Tested by some of the largest air quality monitoring networks, AquisNet and KISTERS experience in robust programming ensure stability and reliability. Our development process focuses on users and their expectation for proven software that has the lowest frequency of failure and the highest ability to bring a failed system back to full operation.

  • Efficient Data Management
    Organizations responsible for air quality monitoring typically collect large volumes of continuous air quality data. Clients can even choose to apply QA/QC rules in real-time. AquisNet helps to process and transform raw data into useful information that fulfills objectives such as mandatory reporting or operational auditing. System administration controls ensure data users with appropriate rights and privileges have timely access to pertinent information they need.

  • Better Employee Engagement
    AquisNet standardizes and automates the most routine steps in air quality data management – collection, processing, and reporting -- so that employees are best utilized to analyze and evaluate data. Your best assets are able to fully engage and help solve organizational problems, thus minimizing employee turnover and total associated costs.

  • Optimal Orientation Timeline
    KISTERS is committed to best-in-class training and support, so new users learn the off-the-shelf software easily and can adopt it quickly. Minimize lost productivity due to onboarding of new hires.