AquisNet Options

The AquisNet Core handles data management and communications, supporting the functionality of other modules. Run on a relational database like Oracle or MSSQL, with either Windows or Linux operating system, the system performs complex calculations, plausibility checks, and corrective interpolation procedures. KISTERS proven time series tools are ideal for computing arbitrary aggregations, especially those that cascade into other formulas.

  • Choice of a desktop or web-based interface, in addition to external archiving of air measuring data.
  • Five modules can be divided into two main categories:
    AquisNet Data Acquisition System and AquisNet Data Center.

Data Acquisition System

The AquisNet Data Acquisition System (DAS) module is installed in remote monitoring stations. It facilitates convenient operations, remote parameterization, and maintenance of individual metering points. This web application only requires a standard PC running Microsoft Windows OS to control a measuring network. Automatic recognition of active air quality monitoring stations and connection to the core system expedite installation of air monitoring equipment in addition to activation/deactivation of particular metering points.

From a single measuring device, realize the following capabilities and more:

  • View high-resolution time series in 5-second instantaneous values graphs or tables.

  • Set alarms to notify data managers of threshold violations and station failure.

  • Initiate calibrations on demand or schedule function checks, especially when idle periods are detected.

  • Run batch processing or near real-time data transfer over a variety of protocols and choose from several types of transmission media.

Data Center

These modules can be installed with AquisNet core for storing, analyzing, and manipulating air quality data:

  • Data Management Office (DMO)
    Desktop application is a graphical user interface (GUI) to access powerful functionality in the AquisNet core. Easily validate data and gain clear, optimal control of even the most complex, most expansive air monitoring network.

  • Reporting (REP)
    Web-based viewing and reporting application yields users the ability to set, review and change various monitoring jobs/tasks. Also access a broad spectrum of options for data evaluation and calculation. Enjoy the same benefits of the DMO module without software installation.

  • WEB
    Publicly display data and air quality indices from the monitoring network online. Internet browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer become another format for reporting. Display data in rich media such as graphs, tables, and maps for the public. Allow agency partners and stakeholders to download data.

  • Delivery (DV)
    The system messaging tool lets users maintain recipient data supply profiles and summaries, support simultaneous distribution of different media types, and archive sent reports.