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Best-in-class configurable water quality & field sample data management system

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KISTERS hydromet software applications

Simplify sample data management & celebrate watershed health with your community

Over the past 40 years we’ve been developing data management software, we’ve worked closely with in-field technicians and in-office water quality managers to overcome barriers to both data collection, access and use.

Within WISKI, the water quality module KiWQM enhances the comprehensive management, assessment and reporting of discrete environmental sampling activities.

The same system equitably offers data managers a seamless flow of quality data from discrete sampling events and continuous monitoring networks.

Water quality specialists now have the same options to achieve a high level of automation, quality control, data visualization, analysis and decision support.

On whatever timescale you monitor the water, environment or weather, our IT innovations help your organization align your datasets and add value to the data chain, from collection and processing to reporting.

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Product highlights

All-in-one planning, storage, analytics & reporting software

Like a nature, our modern data system enables your multidisciplinary datasets to be discovered and analyzed together, not isolated. Identify impacts from continual water flow on water test results. Validate satellite observations with ground-based measurements. Manage data for multiple or one specific project, and even over decades.

Sample scheduling & chain of custody management tools

Efficiently manage the CoC from sampling to receiving EDD. Plan routine & ad hoc sampling events with a calendar. Enjoy faster review of compliant monitoring locations & water chemistry results with user-defined color coding.

Quality control & alert automation complemented by graph-based manual editing

Validate & correct data values, or or assign quality flags in bulk. After getting notifications about data gaps or exceedances, use graph visualization to manually review, edit data & justify changes.

Unlimited storage of monitoring data & metadata

Collect extensive amounts of meta data on a per sample basis, including GIS coordinates, sampling depths, images and video taken in the field. Custom-configure the commercial software to meet specific needs for your organization.

Seamless integration with KISTERS water quality sensors & probes

Integrate rugged, low-maintenance optical sensors & precision probes from our portfolio with our water quality management system.

Your benefits


Develop a holistic understanding of your watershed

When all your water data works together, you can focus on science-based management of ecosystems supported by quantity data from all monitoring, protection & restoration efforts.


Automate quality control & control lab costs

Automate QA/QC to verify spot samples with lab orders & results from electronic data deliverable (EDD). KISTERS data acquisition tool also overcomes time-consuming formatting challenges during import.


Improve data quality & efficiency

Perform more QA/QC, en masse or manually, to distill data of the highest quality. Graph visualization, color- & texture/pattern-coding, and quality codes facilitate trend identification and alert to suspect data.


Calculate & share environmental health report cards with the public

The same calculation engine that crunches advanced calculations & aggregated statistics on data, including pollutant loads, can compute & report environmental health scores.


Meet Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) requirements

User-configurable & extensive meta data storage help meet rigorous QAPP criteria. Trace calendars, staff, devices & calibration to document & confidently report qualified sampling events and results.

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Scalable to your needs

Organizations who rely on WISKI range from not-for-profit organizations to federal government laboratories. Staff size doesn’t matter. It’s the amount and use of information that determines if this solution is right for you.

Whether the extent of your IT resources is a desktop computer or your own data center, we believe you should have access to best-in-class comprehensive data management for water, weather and environmental resources. We offer a few licensing options which can be discussed.

Discover for yourself why this commercial IT solution is often configured to distinct needs of agencies, utilities and research institutes to achieve their water data management priorities around the globe.

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