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HailSens IoT - light years ahead

Advanced hail monitoring system delivers real-time data on hailstone size, intensity, duration and distribution.

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Hail mitigation just got smarter

HailSens represents a major leap forward in hail monitoring technology, providing immediate, accurate and comprehensive hail impact data. Using state-of-the-art sensor technology and advanced data processing, HailSens IoT overcomes the limitations of traditional methods enabling rapid damage identification, minimizing downtime, and enhancing protection of your solar assets.

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Why choose HailSens IoT?

  • Get real-time data on hail size, intensity & distribution
  • Timestamp each hailstone impact
  • Rapidly identify damage including microcracks
  • Take preemptive action to minimize damage

Who can benefit?

Professionals in the fields of:

  • Utility-scale solar projects
  • Insurance industry
  • Building management
  • Emergency preparedness

Discover the HailSens difference

Use case

Solar farms

Ground-truth hail impact measurements are critical for assessing hailstorm intensity and severity. HailSens IoT provides objective assessments with real-time alerts and actionable insights, enabling timely response. Flexible data transmission and integration with existing systems supports seamless data flow. Low power requirements make deployment easy and efficient, even in areas with limited power availability.

Use case


HailSens IoT’s large sensing area captures a broader range of hail impacts, providing a more representative sampling of hail events and enhancing accuracy in analyzing hail size distribution and impact. Insurance adjusters can use this precise data to quickly and accurately verify hail damage claims, supporting productive, data-driven conversations and improving the claims process for policyholders.

Use case

Building management

Monitor damage from severe weather as you manage facilities and critical infrastructure. HailSens provides detailed insight into hailstorm dynamics and characteristics, deepening your understanding of severe weather phenomena and their impact on commercial buildings and warehouses.

Use case

Emergency preparedness

HailSens IoT is essential for emergency preparedness, offering real-time data and alerts for faster decision-making and timely action to protect assets and people. It enables efficient coordination among emergency teams with accurate information, helping to effectively allocate resources, minimize damage, and optimize recovery efforts. Detailed hail data and early warnings improve public safety and reduce risk, while comprehensive data helps communities develop better preparedness plans and build resilience to future hail events.

"HailSens represents the culmination of years of dedicated research. As the only hail sensor that seamlessly integrates with hailpad data -- the gold standard for scientists worldwide -- HailSens delivers continuity and accuracy in hail impact data collection. Proven in the field, HailSens provides unparalleled real-time insights, making it the first choice for both insurance claims and scientific research."

Edgar Wetzel, Global Head of R&D at KISTERS HydroMet

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