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Super-fast, high-performance 2D / 3D CAD viewers

Flexible, intuitive and cost-effective are the principles guiding the development and support of our CAD viewing software.

KISTERS 3DViewStation is the culmination of more than 25 years of expertise and partnership with manufacturing industry leaders who have flown you to your favorite destination, delivered highly anticipated products to your door, or reliably get your children to soccer practice.

More than 3,000 enterprises currently and daily rely on our customizable and scalable CAD data visualization solutions. Whether you’re a startup industry disruptor or a household brand, our 2D / 3D CAD viewer is easy to use and worth your investment. We’ll even give you a free test drive.

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Our expertise in CAD visualization

  • Responsive to customer needs & requirements

    We listen to suppliers & OEMs for single parts & large assemblies.

    Responsive to customer needs & requirements

    We listen to suppliers and OEMs for single parts & large assemblies. We work with designers, engineers, die casting and injection molding technicians. We continuously enhance the 3DViewStation product portfolio in response to customer needs and requirements.

    Most often users only want fast loading (in seconds), the ability to dimension, section and possibly calculate volume or surface. However, some users need to do more demanding analysis to avoid production errors and delays. Advanced analysis & annotation tools are available in the mobile-friendly 3DViewStation WebViewer to keep projects on schedule.
    Moreover, WebViewer does not install an app or transfer assembly or documents to the device, protecting intellectual property (IP).

    In addition, the MultiCAD-enabled VisShare collaboration environment can help build understanding and consensus among internal and external project team members.

    Have a new manufacturing vertical market for us to serve? Contact us to discuss your project, ideas and requirements.

  • Multifaceted tools & rich functionality within budget

    We’re passionate about helping you expand your capabilities and maximize your resources.

    A bustling industrial factory where technology and innovation reunite

    Multifaceted tools & rich functionality within budget

    The 3DViewStation team is intrapreneurial. We’re proactive, action-oriented people who acknowledge constraints but also achieve success. Likewise we’ll give you what you need to get your job done: extensive functionalities, speed, and flexibility to suit your specific requirements.

    Our solutions handle any data formats – native or neutral – 2D drawings, 3D CAD data, Office documents, images and more. 3DViewStation enables users to compare 2D drawings and 3D CAD models. It’s as easy as opening one file, dragging & dropping the second file, and clicking a button. Differences or deviations are displayed using (false) colors, selected by the user. A number of comparison functions can be applied. While one comparison is active, you can simultaneously cut and/or measure the 3D model – and save each state of analysis as a view.

    After benchmarking leading CAD viewing solutions, several automotive and commercial truck manufacturers adopt KISTERS solution to reduce costs of CAD licenses as designs are accessed across its enterprise. From manufacturing cost estimation and quoting to quality assurance, from technical documentation to marketing – many users who don’t require CAD skills or time-consuming training in complex software have a more intuitive and affordable application.

    We listen to our customers and enjoy talking with prospects. If you have a question for us, it’s likely on this list of Q&A, which you can search for your interests. You’re welcome to contact us.

  • Secure IT systems & data access

    We understand data-driven operations, business continuity, cybersecurity & the distributed workforce.

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    Secure IT systems & data access

    As a global IT company, we understand data-driven operations and business continuity as well as the protection and secure access to information by approved individuals and teams.

    The KISTERS 3DViewStation portfolio represents stand-alone software as well as API-based options for integration with third-party PLM, ERP, product configuration software, or other management systems.

    3DViewStation Desktop represents the majority of installations for use on PCs / workstations and notebook laptops. 3DViewStation WebViewer is recommended for mobile as well as occasional users. And our virtual reality edition 3DViewStation VR is being adopted quickly.

    Some customers have a mix of the product editions, depending on the vertical and individual user profile. We work with customer IT and production team members to identify the most appropriate licenses to meet their needs.

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