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Water quantity and quality management have never more more critical as we face floods, droughts and aging infrastructure. Changes to water supplies and contaminants, as well as population ecology, must be traced over time. Explore a global map of projects KISTERS is honored to power with our IT solutions.

Monitoring data must be verified for more defensible decisions and models that shape future plans.
As influential leaders in water resources management, our clients rely on KISTERS' data systems and our advanced core competency in time series analysis continually honed over 30 years.

Integrating related data needs to occur as collaboration increases.
Our off-the-shelf software immediately provides data users an arsenal of tools to display and investigate correlations and causes associated with water quality and biological factors. Perform TMDL monitoring in real time and adjust controls as needed. Or access hyperlocal rain data, maximize water allocations, and explore agricultural impacts on soil and water to forecast crop yield.

Educating decision-makers and recruiting the public to solve problems benefits us all.
KISTERS' partnerships with public agencies, utilities, private companies and not-for-profit organizations worldwide provide us with a deep understanding for information sharing. Innovative web services resulting from our active participation in the development and adoption of open data standards enable clients to provide accurate, integrated information to support initiatives and correct misunderstandings.

From collection and storage to analysis and reporting surface water and groundwater data, KISTERS is a much sought-after IT partner for hardware and software that clients can configure to the unique needs of their work processes and organizational goals.

Industries currently implementing KISTERS' Technologies

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