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ADMS streamlines flow measurements

April 29, 2019

New non-contact radar serves as an “all in one” autonomous discharge radar system

Integrated with a datalogger and 4G cellular telemetry, the fully-loaded non-contact discharge measurement radar sensor RQ-30 ADMS collects precise data in rivers, streams, open channels and canals — where continuous monitoring is desired.

The ADMS features everything to begin receiving high precision water level, velocity and discharge measurements:

  1. The RQ-30 ADMS radar sensor
    which measures both velocity and level and then, simultaneously computes discharge
  2. MRL-7 datalogger pre-wired to the sensor and ready to telemeter
  3. SIM card
  4. Robust equipment cabinet
  5. Low visibility 4G antenna
  6. All wiring and cables*
    * Add a solar panel to sustain power & reduce site visits.

Commander software is used to program both the sensor and datalogger, aftereasy installation. In addition, the sensor and software are programmed to self-diagnose and fix technical issues remotely. Also download parameters, even check the spectrum from afar.

“The RQ-30 has the ability to transform much of the way we collect & manage streamflow data. Real-time measurement is the most valuable measurement of all,” — Peter Ward, Sales Manager, KISTERS Instrumentation