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Enhance Minecraft with 3DViewStation exports

October 18, 2022

Convert native data to NBT file format for Minecraft worlds

Got kids who enjoy Minecraft – and would like more than vanilla Minecraft? Know players who would like to personalize the building adventure game?

Apart from the daily grind, KISTERS developers have added a fun function to 3DViewStation, the CAD data visualization software.

Now 3DViewStation users can load and rediscover their own 3D models in Minecraft.

viewing a model in 3DViewStation before NBT export for Minecraft world

Jim Eardly, U.S. Sales Director for KISTERS, explained the ease of loading a favorite model into the web, virtual reality (VR) or desktop application, conversion and export as Minecraft’s named binary tag (NBT) file format.1

The size of the CAD models can be chosen almost arbitrarily by the 3DViewStation user. “The new export function not only generates the appropriate NBT file in seconds, it also creates a 3D preview of the Minecraft model. 3DViewStation also supports NBT reading, so the exported files can be checked before being imported into the Minecraft world,” he said.

The fast rendering and export is consistent with the extreme speed when loading huge CAD models in 3DViewStation. The 2D & 3D CAD visualization software is known of its intuitive user interface that belies advanced analysis capabilities within the platform as well as advanced manufacturing system integration options. Use stand-alone or with a PLM, ERP or other product configuration service.

3DViewStation is continuously enhanced in response to customer needs and requirements. Read the latest developments of 3DViewStation in detail at .

1 The NBT format was created by Mojang Studios’ co-founder Markus Persson (a.k.a. Notch) to store Minecraft level data in a tree structure.

screen capture of Minecraft world featuring four sea vessels exported from KISTERS 3DViewStation