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High-performance car maker implements 3DViewStation

April 25, 2021

CAD visualization software to accelerate manufacturing cost savings

After benchmarking leading computer-aided design (CAD) viewing solutions, a high-end sports car manufacturer is adopting KISTERS 3DViewStation to reduce costs of CAD licenses as designs are accessed across its enterprise.

From manufacturing cost estimation and quoting to quality assurance, from technical documentation to marketing – many users who don’t require CAD skills or time-consuming training in complex software now have a more intuitive and more affordable option.

The intelligent CAD viewer solution eases the overall CAD data management and analysis tasks each of these specific departments performs, and yet it is as fully adept as a CAD system.

With more than 180 functions and the ability to load a complete vehicle within 5 seconds, the optimal candidate for replacing numerous CAD licenses has been found,” said the project manager. “The departments are perfectly supported in their work and problem areas are identified at an early stage, completely without physical prototypes.

Several locations and departments were proven to work successfully with 3DViewStation, in terms of cost efficiency, time-savings, and error prevention.

The German auto maker plans to equip additional teams to enhance CAD data flow in the future.

Another objective was to integrate 3DViewStation smoothly into an in-house PLM system,” said Jim Eardly, U.S. Sales Director for KISTERS North America, Visualization Business Unit. “The effective combination provides additional flexibility in development and production processes, as increasing vehicle complexity is accompanied by a multitude of variants and configurations.

KISTERS 3DViewStation enables models with thousands of individual parts to be viewed quickly and effortlessly. This is ideal for all end-users who work with large assemblies such as professionals in sales, quality assurance, and production. All can benefit from fast viewing of native and neutral CAD data, 2D drawings, images, and office documents — not only NX and JT files.

3DViewStation is available as a desktop, web or mobile application, as well as a virtual reality (VR) application. Eardly noted that the sports car manufacturer uses the VR edition for photorealistic rendering in addition to advanced analysis, “For example, an operator can lift a sports car to inspect it from the underside and disassemble assemblies. Accessibility, ergonomics and size ratios can thus be experienced live.