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Automation Server for the Manufacturing Sector

Batch tool automatically translates files & performs repetitive processes

image 3DViewStation displays CAD data on a workstation monitor; pair with KISTERS Automation Server for faster rending on desktop, laptops and mobile devices

KISTERS Automation Server (KAS) complements all 3DViewStation editions as it automatically converts native 3D CAD data into the lightweight 3DVS data format, #d-PDF or the STEP/STP open data format.

Save yourself considerable time and effort if making changes to a single part that may be used several times.

For example, a 5 GB Catia board, which loads in 5 minutes in native load mode, loads in just 1 second in 3DViewStation after conversion to the 3DVS format.

All information can be retained or reduced depending on your settings. The conversion can be uniform / monolithic or fully distributed. In other words, you can generate one 3DVS file per geometry file.

This technology can also automatically generate thumbnails for PLM systems. Alternatively, use it to export all views created for an assembly in a 3D or 2D format – or export the entire assembly in a standard 3D format.

Your benefits



Accelerate the loading of 2-3 million parts to <10 seconds



Automatically convert & generate files per your workflow



Harmonize STEP / STP open data format & all CAD formats



Easily compare drawings & get report with highlighted changes


Knowledge & Expertise

We help manufacture cars, trucks, planes,
ships & machines.


  • Supports 60+ open & proprietary data formats

    Supports 60+ open & proprietary data formats

    PLM systems commonly have renderings of individual parts in a native format only; the structure is managed virtually and is therefore available only in the database.

    Our approach to this problem positions and aligns all required components on the KISTERS Automation Server, and then renders the resulting structure which can be exported in STEP / STP open data format, 3D-PDF format, or the 60 data formats 3DViewStation supports. 

    Sometimes, the product structure of an incoming assembly needs to be analyzed automatically and then created as a native version in the PDM system. Using this IT solution, a specialist function converts and returns the structure of a CAD assembly in XML format for your immediate use.

  • Identify continuous improvement opportunities

    Identify continuous improvement opportunities

    A popular feature within KISTERS Automation Server is the automatic comparison of 2D drawings. KAS returns a PDF document / report with the number of changes and all changes are highlighted using different colors and frames. You can adjust the comparison sensitivity. And depending on the number of changes found, you may be able to adjust your internal workflows.

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