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Operational technologies

Actionable data & alerts for real-time situational awareness, operations & maintenance

KISTERS hydromet software applications

Empower proactive decisions that lessen risk & damage

From hail, rainfall and water flow forecasts to real-time observations of severe weather and flood risks, KISTERS operational technologies keep on-duty teams aware of emerging and ongoing dangers to continuous operations.

Our IT innovations bridge satellite imagery with your agency’s ground-based monitoring network. Our web browser software options support secure access and new abilities to view meaningful raster data animations, insights, interactive maps and dashboards.

Users can define group and personal dashboards as well as conditions for alarms. Then, automated notifications can alert users to developing concerns like extreme storms or when data transmission fails.

Alternatively, forecast and observed data can fuel post-event analyses. APIs can export the data for integration with long-term data management systems like WISKI.


Your benefits


Instantly view forecasts & real-time data from your network

Access continuous data from KISTERS sensors or other makes & forecasts in one browser for awareness & action.


Easily define & receive alerts to get an edge on dangers

Set conditions so automatic alerts on forecasts or real-time events are received via SMS, email or twitter.


Give field crews lead time to prioritize sites & work

From the field, web access helps identify sites of higher risk to prioritize O&M against threats.


Enrich your network data with commercial / open data

Enhance data you collect with subscriptions or publicly available data for greater awareness.


Affordably expand your monitoring network

Specify & share data with regional partners who may see data upon login to the same cloud solution.

How it works

Whether your goal is flood forecasting and control or hail damage mitigation or prevention, we’ll inform & support you every step of the way.

Install sensors within your jurisdiction / property
Subscribe to software (and additional data services)
Integrate sensors & software (and data services)
Define alarms
Access and share your data
Get notified

Product category features

  • Cloud solutions that prioritize uptime & time-sensitive needs

    Cloud solutions that prioritize uptime & time-sensitive needs

    Users of forecast & real-time data need a faster, more efficient IT ecosystem to maximize lead time and decision-making as operational threats emerge and unfold.

    To give you the best possible functionality and data value at a reasonable price, our operational technologies have been deliberately designed to bear the burden of resource-intensive IT infrastructure, maintenance and costs of ownership.

  • Intuitive & simple web applications

    Intuitive & simple web applications

    No app download required; all you need is a web browser and login credentials.

    From anywhere with Wi-fi, view data from your continuous monitoring network, data sharing partners, and integrated data services on a map or as dashboards, charts and graphs.

    Integrate web cameras and with a click, confirm real-time data values with images / video footage of monitoring sites.

    Your web experience is intuitive, and even user-defined, belying the computing power required to import, process and distribute the growing amount of commercial and open remote sensing data.

  • Customize features to maximize data understanding

    Customize features to maximize data understanding

    From dashboards to alarms, customizing features in our operational technologies helps your teams to maximize the information they see, understand – and use.

    Alert settings define the conditions necessary for alerts; areas of interest such as catchments or particular hotspots of nuisance flooding; the distribution channels; and the message templates with links to relevant data.

    Dashboard settings enable groups of users to reference the same indicators, while individual users may create and edit additional dashboards to meet their own needs.

  • Integrate all makes & models of sensors

    Integrate all makes & models of sensors

    Over the past 60 years our company has been designing and manufacturing professional-grade hydromet instruments. Our sensor product portfolio now offers innovations that monitor rain, snow and hail as well as water flow & water level.

    Whether you want to view continuous data collected by one of our sensors or that of another manufacturer, as an IT company KISTERS ensures a seamless delivery of information data visualization, analysis and decision support. 

    For example, directly import from the FTS360 cloud or get database-ready file formats from SonTek’s FlowTracker2 ADV.

  • Increase user flexibility & data security

    Increase user flexibility & data security

    Our operational technologies give users significant flexibility, but a designated local administrator(s) still defines who the users are and the level of access / functionality of each user.

    Every user is assigned a login combination and audit trails are maintained.

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