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Support real-time decisions with datasphereTM

cloud-native software to streamline all continuous monitoring data for smart decisions about water, weather & the environment

photo of earth from space as KISTERS spotlights environmental monitoring data insights

Sensor brand agnostic

Put all your data to work

You’ve deployed an array of sensors and now, whatever the make & model, datasphereTM empowers you to make decisions at the right time as you view data in one easy-to-use platform.


Access data anytime, anywhere

No installation required. An Internet connection, a browser and login credentials quickly unlock your access to monitoring data on any device.


Focus on
your data

In addition to group or role-based dashboards, users can create individual dashboards to get specific insights in seconds.

Ever alert

Stay one step ahead

Keep an extra eye open for critical events, as you get alerts from your network or open data.

Customized warnings automatically send emails or SMS to groups or persons on duty, or even to an unlimited number of recipients.

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