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minimize storm impacts to your operations & safeguard assets with high-resolution rainfall data as a service

image of earth from space with data visualization overlay


km2 operational coverage, to deliver high-resolution data that matters to you.


radar images generated daily,
delivering the most up-to-date insights to you.


WMO observation stations
constantly monitoring precipitation

Get an edge on severe weather

Using a web browser, access high resolution radar rainfall forecasts up to 14 days in advance to ensure efficient drainage during the storm.

Stay alert of known flooding hotspots

Get location-specific alerts from nowcast data
as early as 60-90 minutes before a storm.

Support water management goals

Help maintenance teams uphold public safety
or optimize water storage, above or below ground,
with real-time observations, maps and dashboards

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Industries monitor rainfall

illustration of HydroMaster radar rainfall data used by local authorities to mitigate flooding risk; danger to people, property and infrastructure

Early flood warnings help districts reduce danger to people and property.

HydroMasterTM allows duty officers conveniently monitor catchments and known hotspots prone to flooding.

Add your own monitoring sites to the default network of thousands of WMO stations.

Customize warnings to specific rainfall conditions like rainfall totals or intensity as well as locations.

Leverage 20+ years of precipitation data curves to support post-event analysis and forecast future flooding more accurately.

illustration of HydroMaster radar rainfall data used by wastewater operator or stormwater manager to mitigate combined sewer overflows, prevent backflows, and ensure efficient water drainage

Advanced rain forecasts help utility workers identify when & where more stormwater is likely to pool.

HydroMasterTM allows maintenance teams to prioritize field work at particular sites, clearing drains and putting up flood barriers.

Get early warnings for drainage systems to lessen flood or drainage complaints from customers as water operators and field maintenance better coordinate.

Protect aging infrastructure from the full impact of severe storms.

illustration of HydroMaster radar rainfall data used by a farmer, grower or food producer to monitor and adjust drip irrigation and optimize crop yield

Rain forecasts help farmers conserve irrigation water and efficiently apply it when crops need it.

HydroMasterTM allows growers to ensure water availability and maximize drip irrigation systems.

Mitigate risks to crop production as weather becomes less predictable.

Optimize crop inputs and apply nutrients as needed.

File claims for crop insurance due to growing operations affected by flooding or excess moisture.

Pair with the FieldRay on-farm agrimet and irrigation decision-support system or soil moisture satellite data.

The NowCast feature would have bought 3 hours of warning time, time that would have been very useful to assess risk, options, and make proactive decisions.

Dwight Boyd, Director Engineering with Grand River Conservation Authority

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