3DViewStation WebViewer provides convenient access to CAD data on tablets and other mobile devices
The HTML5 web-based 3DViewStation WebViewer enables fast and convenient configurations to be viewed on mobile devices like Windows tablets.
screen shot 3DViewStation integrated with CIM database or CDB-integration
This image demonstrates how easily 3DViewStation can be integrated with a CIM database.
screenshot 3DViewStation Desktop enables CAD data redaction for PLM product lifecycle management
This screen shot of 3DViewStation Desktop displays a typical screen and filter applied to the design. Color code to update status or request approval. Extract faces of solids for more thorough review and comment.
3DViewStation WebViewer provides fast, secure access and IP protection to massive 3D CAD data across all devices that support manufacturing and PLM.
With 350,000 million polygons this Boeing 777 proved the most complex design to test the demands of 3DViewStation.
screen shot of 3DViewStation WebViewer displays cross section in new user inferface
The web-based 3DViewStation will feature more menu ribbons, giving it a user interface similar to Office applications and 3DViewStation Desktop. Vector-based icons are now scalable and come in three colors. Effortlessly compare sections and dimensions on either iPad or Android mobile devices.
screen shot 3DViewStation Desktop high quality rendering reflective surface capabilities
Developers are currently working to implement graphical effects for various materials. Anticipate enhanced renderings as background images appear as reflections.
perform wall thickness analysis with 3DViewStation by KISTERS
Rolling ball method and sections of selections support wall thickness measurements and analysis and the displays results with heat map technology. Graduated colors reflect calculation results.
protect intellectual property and efficiently manage manufacturing with KISTERS 3DViewStation
The latest release of 3DViewStation increases IP security by hiding internal parts, but not at the expense of hindering product lifecycle management. All visible CAD data can be color coded, rotated and redacted as needed.
3DViewStation clash detection
Advanced analysis of mechanical data includes improved presentation of results when a clash is detected. Reduce the risk of human error during model inspections.
3 D View Station screen shot shows advanced tools for analysis of wall thickness.
Advanced wall thickness analysis results in color code objects and an easy-to-decipher color key. In addition, it's so fast it provides real-time measurement.
piping object analysis and measurement for MCAD, BIM and CAD
Unique piping object analysis and measurement functionalities include a neutral axis calculation with several advanced options.
screen shot of 3DViewStation BOM ID, ballooning features for reuse of CAD data.
Bill of Materials BOM IDs and balloon callouts effectively repurpose CAD data for technical documentation such as online manuals and parts catalogs.