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Enterprise Solution for the Manufacturing Sector

Fast, universal CAD viewing for PCs, notebooks and Windows tablets

image 3DViewStation Desktop used to perform helicopter CAD data analysis

3DViewStation Desktop is our most popular edition. Installed on your local workstation, the software empowers you to very quickly visualize files from over 60 formats ranging from 3D CAD, 2D CAD, and images to MS Office applications.

Readily available functions include navigation, selection, search & filter, measuring, dimensioning, cutting, and comparison. Additional features include advanced Digital Mockup (DMU), redline / markup, exploding, volume calculation, preparation for meetings, intellectual property (IP) protection, and content generation for technical documentation.

3DViewStation Desktop enables you to add CAD data from various CAD systems into a single model — simply drag & drop without file preparation. Now, that’s real multi-CAD DMU.

This edition is stand-alone software, or it can be integrated into any leading system using APIs.

Your benefits


Speed & Efficiency

200MB native Catia loads in 1 sec;
a 700,000 part aircraft in 4 sec



Fixed or floating (network) licensing


Scalability & Flexibility

Rich functionality for shop floors, meetings & technical docs


Responsive Development

We enhance based on customer needs shared with us.


Knowledge & Expertise

We help manufacture cars, trucks, planes,
ships & machines.


  • Loads CAD data seriously fast

    Loads CAD data seriously fast

    Better than fast, our CAD viewing software loads data seriously fast.

    The following are a few but consistent examples of average loading times:

    • 200 MB native Catia: 1 second 
    • Car body as JT: 1 second 
    • 50,000-part turbine as JT: 13 seconds
      vs. the same turbine as our
      3DVS format: 1 second 
    • Complete truck engine as 3DVS: 1 second 
    • 20,000-part machine as native SolidEdge: 35 seconds
      vs. the same machine as our 3DVS format: 1 second 
    • 125,000-part aircraft assembly line as our 3DVS format: 1 second 
    • Section of an aircraft as Catia CGR: 1.5 minutes
      vs. the same section as our 3DVS format: 5 seconds 
    • Aircraft with 700,000 parts as our 3DVS format: 4 seconds 
    • 400,000-part plant as our 3DVS format: 7 sec 
    • Passenger ship with 10 million parts as our 3DVS format: 15 seconds
  • Reads over 60 data formats

    Reads over 60 data formats

    • 3D import – native & neutral CAD:
      Catia, NX, Creo, Solidworks, SolidEdge, Inventor, SAT, Parasolid, JT, STEP, 3D PDF, Revit, GLTF, 3DXML, STL, VRML 
    • 2D import – drawings, office, pictures:
      Catia CatDrawing, NX 2D, Creo DRW, Solidworks slddrw, DWG, DXF, HPGL, 2D PDF, TIFF, JPEG 
    • 3D export:
      STEP, JT, 3D PDF, 3MF, Parasolid, STL,VRML 
    • 2D export:
  • Offers more than 180 functions

    Offers more than 180 functions

    Standard viewing capabilities include measuring & dimensioning, cutting and comparing.

    Achieve model based definition (MBD) as you replace 2D drawings with 3D models. When you use the 3D Master conceptual design, you also get product manufacturing information (PMI) support. Besides viewing existing PMIs, create your own markups and views, transform them into PMIs, and save them as JT or STEP AP242 files.

  • Performs advanced digital mock up (DMU)

    Performs advanced digital mock up (DMU)

    We’re no longer building physical prototypes before manufacturing products. To develop products faster and reduce costs, the digital mock up (DMU) process maps as much information as possible in a digital product at the earliest stages and carries out virtual simulations. Very early on, collision checks identify potential problems in production, assembly or ongoing operations. 

    Since this process is both creative and iterative, DMU becomes more about the advanced functions, complex calculations and sophisticated graphical output or renderings. You’re not loading and measuring two JTs, but rather subjecting a Catia and possibly an NX module to a collision investigation in one scene.

  • Protects intellectual property

    Protects intellectual property

    Today Digital Rights Management (DRM) isn’t enough to protect your intellectual property, especially CAD geometries. We offer a different way to protect your IP.

    Our CAD visualization software gives you the ability to automatically distort BREP and tessellated data. You set parameters to determine the scale of alienation. The CAD visualization will still look nice but all dimensions will be changed to protect what your vendor / supply chain partner doesn’t need to know.

    In other situations, you may choose to remove invisible objects or to apply a convex hull algorithm.

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