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Virtual reality for the Manufacturing Sector

Fast, affordable virtual reality inspection & analysis of large CAD models

photo virtual reality inspection of CAD data using 3DViewStation VR edition; inspector wears virtual reality headset and holds a controller in her hand

Used in combination with a head-mounted device, 3DViewStation VR is an inexpensive alternative to Powerwall and Cave.

Immerse yourself in 3D models with the help of virtual reality goggles. SteamVR or Windows Mixed Reality compatible devices, such as the HTC Vive, Lenovo Explorer or HP Mixed Reality glasses are supported.

Our renderer transports you to a virtual reality in seconds, even with complex models ranging from machines, vehicles, airplanes & ships to buildings. View models in real size or scaled to fit the available space.

You may choose to view and raise an entire vehicle, inspecting it from the underside. Or you may select individual objects as you disassemble an assembly.

In addition, you can create sections by defining a section plane with a controller and moving it. Almost all functions from 3DViewStation Desktop and WebViewer editions are available in this VR counterpart. You may also prepare assemblies in the Desktop edition and then switch from view to view in the VR edition.

Your benefits


Speed & Efficiency

Large assemblies load in seconds without preparation time



Get a less expensive alternative to Powerwall or Cave



Use in PLM systems, product configs, QA, sales & marketing


Intuitive interface

Even use your voice to translate & execute commands


Knowledge & Expertise

We help manufacture cars, trucks, planes,
ships & machines.


  • Not limited by large CAD models

    Not limited by large CAD models

    So you want to inspect an assembly in a VR session, but other VR applications require you to convert the data – in a complex and time-consuming way. Furthermore, they limit your processing to a maximum of 20,000 parts or 150,000 if you’re lucky… And every time the CAD data have been changed a little bit, you return to redo the whole effort.

    With 3DViewStation VR edition, you can immediately load CAD data into a virtual reality session without any lead time.

    For example, a 125,000-part assembly loads in 1 second, a ship with 10 million parts in 15 seconds without any simplification or reduction.

  • Integrate with PLM systems

    Integrate with PLM systems

    3DViewStation VR edition has an application programming interface (API) that enables integration with PLM systems, empowering you to load an assembly from the PLM system into a virtual reality session.

    No keyboard is needed. Voice control commands can be translated into 3DViewStation API commands, so you can very easily add annotations, switch between views, take and store snapshots in the PLM system.

    Views can be stored separately from geometries, and later retrieved for reuse after any change in geometry. This process is particularly efficient when 3DViewStation Desktop or WebViewer editions are used downstream in review processes.

  • Effective with 3DViewStation Desktop

    Effective with 3DViewStation Desktop

    Licensing of 3DViewStation VR edition includes the licensing & use of 3DViewStation Desktop edition for optimal performance.

    Editing native CAD models and converting them  into the KISTERS 3DVS format saves significant time and effort. Reducing the amount of information contained or displayed also reduces the import time and increases the rendering performance.

    You still get the maximum value from our most popular edition. Instantly work with over 60 file formats ranging from 3D CAD, 2D CAD, and images to MS Office applications. Apply over 180 functions to measure & calculate, explode assemblies, compare, redline / markup, protect intellectual property (IP) and perform digital mock up (DMU).

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