Energy Data Management Systems by KISTERS

Manage and optimize your energy portfolio with KISTERS. Whatever your role in the energy market – including power traders, transmission companies, and energy intensive industries – implementation of our commercial off-the-shelf software increases operational efficiency in the short-term. When configured to the specific needs of your organization, our comprehensive solution results in significant performance improvement in the long-term.

KISTERS provides highly-integrated applications for energy management, optimization, and forecasting. More than 750 participants in the energy industry depend on KISTERS' energy information management software and control systems.


  • Our proven grid management system delivers stability, reliability, and consistency.

  • Flexible and leading-edge technology takes into account individual and inter-connected resources.

  • The latest artificial intelligence addresses complex and intermittent alternative energy sources.


  • Efficient data management automates routine and repetitive processes with good accuracy.
    Computers perform formulaic tasks and thus prepare for insights and decisions that require human thought. Data managers and economists can allocate more suitable attention to setting goals, determining criteria for evaluation.

  • Oversee sustainable growth of your operations as our technology scales to plan and meet future needs.

  • Our best-in-class customer support assures you have a long-term partner interested in your success.

  • System resilience and optimization as you operate in a dynamic regulatory environment.


  • Integrate KISTERS' resource optimization and forecasting tools for grid balancing and more effective energy transmission management.