KISTERS has specifically designed its forecasting solution to deliver precise, high-quality insights into the future short term status of the energy market.

Accurate and defensible determination of a wide variety of forecasts -- including but not limited to the overall network, load profiles for generation and consumption, as well as prices and sales -- ensures the reliability and success of network operations, trading and distribution of traditional as well as renewable energy. Top-down and bottom-up strategies can be implemented in acquisition forecasts.

These particular features make the application easy to use:

  • Advanced algorithms and a comprehensive library of forecasting methods empowers users to apply proven models.
  • The system automatically selects the most relevant values from sets of more than 100 influencing values.
  • Data-related criteria are verified in the background, preventing mistakes commonly made by novices.

While the benefits are many, here are the top 5 benefits our clients most appreciate:

  • Unparalleled computing speed to meet your operational efficiency needs
  • Load prediction up to 7 days in advance
  • Industry expertise from a library of load profiles and patterns
  • Users have their own ability to adjust weather variables and load profiles
  • Access to forecasting scenario archive, allowing users to import/export historic and revised forecasts

KISTERS is proud to offer its energy clientele the latest R&D – adding advanced statistical evaluation, sensitivity analyses, optimized Adaptive Logic Networks (ALN) processes, hierarchical modelling and new forecasting methods, as well as optimized training algorithms to the scope of its energy solutions.