Meter Data Management

Smart energy management includes but is not limited to installing energy meters on every home or business.

Measuring the actual impact of accurate and efficient energy use requires consolidating and processing a high volume of data from hundreds to thousands to millions of smart meters regarding energy conservation and power consumption.

Sophisticated analytics tools and fast data processing are appreciated by data users at power distribution and generation firms upon immediate implementation of this software.

KISTERS' meter data management (MDM) system makes convenient the most simple to the most advanced metering infrastructure and customer systems.

Metering service providers achieve the following benefits of this technology:

  • Analysis of data from a wide variety of smart meter manufacturers
    Lack of uniform standards of high-resolution and low-resolution devices implemented by utilities over time are no obstacle.

  • High speed and massive parallel processing of data
    Import 1 million high-resolution load profiles in less than 1 hour

  • Maintain accurate and high quality data for making decisions & policies
    Conduct extensive activity logging and audit trail of changes to master data as well as meter data from individual end devices

  • Reveal valuable operational intelligence from either AMR systems or AMI systems
    Inherent differences in AMR and AMI data often stymie competing meter data management systems. Data from each system are compatible with KISTERS' software unlocking collected data to discover insights for recommended changes.

  • Increase data functionality when multiple departments share information
    Aggregated data can be shared beyond billing and complaint monitoring groups. Other departments who derive value from integrating metering data including engineering, operations, and planning.

Achieve key objectives set forth in your corporate strategic plan -- particularly in the areas of conservation and stewardship, delivering customer value, financial performance and employee safety.

Note: while the MDM platform integrates with customer billing systems, it however is not an asset management software.