Hydstra, water data platform

a non-relational database that supports SQL query


  • Minimal System Requirements
    KISTERS offers this enterprise solution to organizations that opt for NoSQL databases. The proprietary file-based solution enables users to build and maintain a first-class time series data archive from a laptop.

  • Efficient Storage
    Using highly efficient compression techniques Hydstra has the capacity to archive any level or counter type data that varies with time. There is no limit to the number of variables you can store.

  • Friendly User Interface
    The graphical user interface or workbench facilitates the viewing, editing and reporting of data. Menu allow users to access graphical, tabular and mapping tools for data audit and QA/QC. In addition, import USGS SWAMI and QRev files for further analysis.

  • Convenient Visualization, Reporting & Export
    Building on 30 years of development, Hydstra comes with a wide range of plots and reports to extract value from your data. This enterprise software supports compliance reporting with state and federal agencies, such as the USGS and its methodology. Reports can be run from a batch file. Flexible export options give data managers the ability to share information in various formats which collaborators can use in other software programs.


  • Fast Performance & Scalability
    KISTERS' clients enjoy quick processing of data due to the system architecture and efficient storage. In seconds, this proven solution retrieves and analyzes any period of record of continuous data. A collection of complementary applications provides specific tools, if and when users identify particular needs or expand the scope of their work. Refer to the Options page.

  • Flexible Data Acquisition & Efficient Data Management
    Establish a single archive of time series data by consolidating information from disparate sources. Hydstra allows users to import information from telemetry systems and monitoring devices from renowned names in the industry. It also provides a single format to harmonize previously incompatible data formats from almost any source.

    ➤ get database-ready file formats from SonTek's FlowTracker and FlowTracker2 ADV

  • Integration of High-Quality Data
    Bad data create poor results and undermine decisions. Managing limited resources and addressing complex environmental problems necessitate high-quality data. The GUI and visualization features facilitate data validation, evaluation and editing (VEE) to reveal the meaning conveyed in data you collected.

  • Effective Calibration & Maintenance Schedule
    Capturing meta data (e.g. serial numbers, inventory tags, IP addresses, etc.) and organizing site visits enables Hydstra users to create effective calibration and maintenance schedules. Track sondes, sensors, even service vehicles used by staff or volunteers. Trace tangible assets as they are deployed from storage or repair workshops to active monitoring locations.

  • Address Complex Problems with Greater Collaboration
    Beyond compliance reporting, lead actionable change when stakeholders make data-driven decisions.
    Identify partners with whom data can be safely and easily shared. Present information to the public to improve service and/or solicit engagement to solve difficult issues.