Hydstra Options

When integrated with the Hydstra time series platform, well-designed modules help meet precise goals associated with the management of water resources. Users appreciate the ability to prioritize their needs and partner with KISTERS to implement proven IT solutions as well as access friendly and knowledgeable support professionals.

As the scope of their responsibilities grows, our clients have the opportunity to select specific modules and progress toward longer term planning. An increasing number of clients desire more strategic usage of data – from descriptive to predictive (forecasting models) and even prescriptive (identify optimal conditions for operations).

  • Biology / Ecology
    conduct taxon or habitat-specific analyses or evaluate links with water quality over user-defined periods

  • Groundwater Bore Management
    store information about bores including construction details, bore schematics, and production timelines
    in addition level data can be retrieved from any datum and displayed with other water data parameters

  • Mapping
    access a Windows-based map interface to retrieve, analyze, and display data in Hydstra on a map base
    note: This tool is not designed to replace corporate GIS systems like ArcInfo and MapInfo, which it reads.

  • Modeling
    employ a Windows-based program for synchronous modeling of water balance analysis, flow routing,
    error propagation, or load calculation

  • SQL Query
    use ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) to perform SQL queries although Hydstra is a NoSQL database

  • Task Scheduler
    evolve from batch processing to real time, and automate processes by defining business rules
    maintain a history of scheduled backups, quality coding, and data transfer besides completion statuses

  • Water Quality
    integrate data from continuous monitoring and discrete sampling as well as lab results and LIMS

  • Web Services
    interoperability functions enable online data sharing with specific stakeholders or the general public
    note: Services range from data requests and responses to web portals, from widgets to map image files.


Water Quality

Web Services

biology and ecology image
investigate ecological and hydrological data correlations, and test causation hypotheses
water quality image
evaluate monitoring samples, lab analyses and other water quality data with hydrologic data
web services and mobile solutions image
interoperability functions overcome technical barriers to acquisition, exchange, or publishing of data