FieldVisits Mobile App

image of rugged tablet and workstation monitorSave time and significantly increase data quality as rugged laptops, tablets, and smartphones capture and efficiently synchronize field data with KISTERS water information system.

Field techs can conduct predefined monitoring routes, record calibration or water quality sampling observation notes, and even perform in-field calculations when visiting monitoring locations.

facilitate more accurate and paperless
collection, retrieval, & validation of field data


  • The clean & intuitive design streamlines backend logic that guides field personnel through standard operating procedures or site-specific protocols.

  • Application of preliminary QA/QC rules ensure essential and relevant data fields aren't skipped.

  • Data visualization of recent historical trends at the same location quickly confirm consistency of new observations, identify questionable conditions or suggest troubleshooting.

  • Checkboxes, dropdown menus, and multiple choice questions standardize data entry,
    while field staff have options to enhance notes using open text boxes and attaching photos or videos.

  • Links to equipment manual PDFs support calibration, maintenance and repair work.

Working in offline mode or without network access?

Before you leave the office, configure the app and download relevant information to the device. And when the device is reconnected to the network, field data are transferred easily to WISKI. Information will be automatically assigned to monitoring stations, sampling locations, and monitoring points!