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Introducing HyQuant non-contact radar level sensors

Expertly designed and reliable, IP68 - SDI-12 non-contact radar level sensors with stable <=2 mm accuracy across various ranges, versatile 8° x 8° beam angle and one of the most efficient power consumptions available.

Deep knowledge

A thorough understanding of hydrological conditions

HyQuant provides the water level data needed to evaluate hydrological conditions of a catchment area – crucial for understanding water cycle and potential water management applications. It enables users to monitor and evaluate morphological changes in the waterbed and ensures the secure usage of watercourses for shipping. Plus, it plays a key role in establishing and operating reporting and warning systems for events like floods and extreme low water conditions.

60 GHz accuracy

Accurate, real-time data for risk management

Accurate, safe, continuous monitoring of water level is critical – especially if you operate flood warning systems, forecast water supply, or rely on river shipping. HyQuant & its alarm settings quickly detect sudden changes in water level, helping to triage drainage or maintenance issues.

Efficient resource management

Integrated water resources management

Better understanding of water availability and quality empowers efficient & integrated water management. Achieve multiple-benefit water use encompassing drinking water, farm irrigation, hydropower, and environmental health.

Easy-to-install and maintain, cost-effective HyQuant sensors can be deployed in large numbers for data density. Precise location-specific insights can inform decisions about equitable access to scarce resources, improve risk management, and reduce costs.

HyQuant L

A most versatile and reliable non-contact level sensor for districts of all sizes

This sensor uses FMCW technology in the 60 GHz frequency band for water level measurement without direct contact. It’s compact, lightweight and IP68-rated with a narrow beam width, high precision, and built-in filter algorithms.

Available in two measuring ranges:
• HyQuant L 20: 0.32 – 65.61 ft
• HyQuant L 50: 0.49 – 164.04 ft

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Why HyQuant L

  • Plug & play solution
    Includes mounting bracket, 10 m cable, and multiple comms/protocol choices (Modbus, SDI-12 & Secure Wi-Fi).
  • Customizable filters
    Higher accuracy & resolution + Adaptation to diverse monitoring conditions.
  • One of the highest power efficiencies
    15 mA (typical at 12V).
  • Reliable measurements also in flooded conditions
    IP68 rating (dust, water and shock protection).
  • Streamlined design
    Simple installations + Less prone to vandalism.
  • High quality of data
    <= 2 mm accuracy, stable over the full measurement range.
  • Ensured accuracy within the widest range
    The shortest blanking distance available.
  • For both narrow and wide water bodies
    8° x 8° beam angle.
  • Special advantages over most level radars
    FMCW measurement principle at 60 GHz, only seen in a few water level radars.

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designed for water monitoring professionals across diverse fields.

The HyQuant series is designed to provide all must-have features to resolve common frustrations of water level & velocity monitoring, but at an affordable cost.

  • Hydrology and surface water management
  • Flood risk management
  • Drinking water supply
  • Agriculture irrigation
  • Hydropower generation
  • Industry incl fisheries or mining
  • Research

With HyQuant, the challenge was not to build a water level radar -- but to come as close as possible to a perfect tool for professional hydrographers and flood warning system managers alike. We listened attentively, assessed the wealth of first-hand insights, and only then we got to work.

Edgar Wetzel, Global Head of R&D (Instrumentation), KISTERS AG

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