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3D rendering of KISTERS HyQuant non-contact radar sensor

Introducing HyQuant L+V

Compact, high accuracy, IP68-rated non-contact radar sensors and watertight data are now affordable

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photo of pen to show compact size of KISTERS HyQuant non-contact radar sensor

Small but mighty powerful

Easy-to-install and maintain, cost-effective HyQuant sensors can be deployed in large numbers to support water-critical operations.

Precise location-specific insights can inform decisions about equitable access to scarce resources, improve risk management, reduce operating costs, and maximize power generation.

Non-contact continuous monitoring of water level is essential — especially if you operate flood warning systems, forecast water supply, or rely on waterway transport.

HyQuant and its alarm settings quickly detect sudden changes in water level and velocity, helping to triage drainage, emergency or maintenance issues.

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the HyQuant series

hybrid photo of the underside of a bridge where a HyQuant non-contact radar sensor has been mounted and illustration of contactless radar technology to measure water level and water level

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Understand Radar’s Role in Hydrology Today

Want to learn more about radar technology?

Gain insights from the latest development in water monitoring as experts Stefan Siedschlag, Dr. Anton Felder and Edgar Wetzel explain the opportunities & limitations of radar sensors over open channels.

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With HyQuant, the challenge was not to build a water level radar -- but to come as close as possible to a perfect tool for professional hydrographers and flood warning system managers alike. We listened attentively, assessed the wealth of first-hand insights, and only then we got to work.

Edgar Wetzel, Global Head of R&D (Instrumentation), KISTERS AG

Level up your monitoring

Get watertight data from the game-changing HyQuant sensors.

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