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best-in-class configurable ecological data management system

KISTERS hydromet software applications

celebrate biodiversity & watershed health

A holistic approach to environmental stewardship starts with collaboration and data sharing.

We’ve developed a unique ecological data module for our environmental data management system to bring biologists to the hydrology and water chemistry table.

KiECO makes biological surveys and taxonomic data discoverable and usable for truly comprehensive water, weather and environmental monitoring.

We align the multidisciplinary data you collect, on any time scale, for more rigorous analysis, more thorough reporting and more informed decisions.

photo fish school swims in a circular motion in clear blue water

Product highlights

All-in-one planning, storage, analytics & reporting software

Ensure multidisciplinary datasets — sampling data & hydrological information, discrete & continuous, ground-based & satellite sensing, and more — can be viewed, analyzed and reported together in a single system.

Flexible user-defined data fields

Define & track sampling methodologies, properties related to a group or individual organism, and abundance codes — without waiting for a developer or system administrator.

Unlimited storage of survey data & metadata

Perform extensive biological survey recordkeeping that meets quality assurance protocols. Store notes, images and video taken in the field with phones / tablets.

Web portal to share observations & indices with your community

Publish quality-assured, agency-approved observational data & insights via the Bio DataViewer web portal, or use web services to share with researchers / consultants.

Your benefits


Develop a holistic understanding of your watershed

Track & evaluate ecological, water quality, weather & hydrological data in a single platform to identify interdependencies. Examine environmental stressors, biodiversity and population changes.


Control lab costs with natural water quality indicators

Benthic monitoring costs less than chemical analyses. Some species are more sensitive to pollutants caused by human activity, and when they’re expected but missing from an ecosystem, poor aquatic health is a concern.


Overcome the fragmented nature of water quality monitoring

In contrast to water chemistry results from a sampling event, biological assessments and the absence / presence of immobile invertebrates reflect environmental quality over a longer term.


Ease burdensome biological monitoring data management

Different sampling methodologies, diversity of taxonomy, and changing taxa can make it difficult to store ecological data in the same system with water chemistry results & hydrological data — but we love overcoming challenges.


Calculate & share environmental health report cards with the public

Automate the calculation of biotic indices and more statistics on your ecological data; analyze results with water chemistry & report environmental health scores.


Meet Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) requirements

User-configurable & extensive meta data storage help meet rigorous QAPP criteria. Trace calendars, staff, GPS coordinates, etc. to document & confidently report qualified survey events and counts.

We evaluate diversity & richness by calculating biotic indices based on 10-year moving averages, more reliably assessing results & ecosystem report cards.

Laura Flynn, Data Mgmt. Specialist with Western Ontario Conservation Authority Hub in Ontario, Canada

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